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Your Zodiac Sign as a Jewelry Piece

Your Zodiac Sign as a Jewelry Piece

11th Oct 2022

With a set of very specific traits, each zodiac sign embodies a particular spirit that deserves an equally special symbol. Discover which of these unique twelve pieces represents your sign and the meaning behind it!

Aries | Bruna Necklace

March 21–April 19

The Aries stands out for its energetic, courageous, and passionate spirit. Featuring a unique design with bold grenat, the Bruna Necklace is the ideal fit for that energy. The intricacy and originality of this piece match the quick-wit and impulsive Aries, spot on. 

Taurus | Dolly Earrings

April 20–May 20

The Dolly Earrings symbolize the connection of the Taurus with nature, progress, and warm love. With green as its main color, this zodiac sign is all about security and growth while also being reliable and loving. The mix of silk threads with Garnet is perfect to simultaneously embody the softness and nurture the spirit of the Taurus.

Gemini | Malta Pendant

May 21–June 21

Adaptable, defiant, and exciting, the Gemini is probably the most misunderstood of all of the zodiac signs. To capture and encourage its lively and curious spirit, the Malta Pendant with yellow opal – a daring and harmonious piece that embraces its unique design boldly. 

Cancer | Livorno Necklace

June 22–July 22

The Livorno Necklace effortlessly embodies the lovely and delicate spirit of the Cancer. Its intricate yet minimalist design is perfect to represent the intuitive and concurrently cautious personality of this zodiac sign. 

Leo | Rozalina Bracelet

July 23–August 22

Expansive, bold, and powerful, so are the Leo sign and the Rozalina Bracelet. Both have gold as their statement color and both turn heads anywhere they go. Featuring Zircon Natur, this piece is perfect to embody the daring, loving, and outgoing character of the Leo.

Virgo | Bari Choker

August 23–September 22

The Bari Choker displays the ultimate refinement by carrying a blend of semiprecious stones, freshwater pearls, crystal, and silk threads. Timeless yet unique, this piece represents the attention to detail of the Virgo thanks to its detailed design. 

Libra | Dallas Necklace

September 23–October 23

What could better embody the charming, romantic, and diplomatic spirit of the Libra than the Dallas Necklace? While elegant and classic, this piece is equally playful just like this easy-going zodiac sign.

Scorpio | Pietra Earrings 14

October 24–November 21

The Pietra Earrings in shade 14 perfectly capture the magnetism, intensity, and mysteriousness so characteristic of the Scorpio. Exquisitely handcrafted, the blend of Diopsid, Gruenfluss, and Emerald represents the dangerous sensuality of this zodiac sign, its determination, and its focus. 

Sagittarius | Moona Earrings

November 22–December 21

The purplish-reddish Grenat in Moona Earrings is perfect to represent and boost the intellectual and philosophical side of the Sagittarius. Its unique yet gentle design signifies enlightenment and honesty while remaining jovial and optimistic. 

Capricorn | Volga Pendant

December 22–January 19

To represent this practical and disciplined sign, the iconic Volga Pendant with zircon natur. Refined and everlasting, this piece is perfect for ambitious, patient, and classic wearers, much like the Capricorn. 

Aquarius | Giovanna Pendant

January 20–February 18

Original, independent, and calm, the Aquarius stands out for its intellect and creativity. Therefore, nothing better than the Giovanna Pendant to represent this zodiac sign. Featuring beautiful sapphires, this is a one-of-a-kind piece that symbolizes elegance and imagination. 

Pisces | Ofelia Earrings

February 19–March 20

With a handcrafted and exquisite design, the Ofelia Earrings with emeralds beautifully symbolize the sensitivity and kindness of the Pisces. This piece's delicacy and fluidness perfectly match the intuitive and imaginative character of this zodiac sign.