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The Technique

Frivolité bracelet with semiprecious stones

Our artisans are storytellers. They handcraft their stories using the ancient Frivolité technique. This highly sought-after skill involves interlacing rings and chains with precision, using only their fingers and a shuttle. The result is a delicate, lace-like pattern that is both strong and durable.


In our classic collections, we feature Frivolité exclusively, while our contemporary line incorporates tatted lace with pearls, beads, and gemstones. So when you choose one of our jewelry pieces - you’re choosing a story if beauty and elegance. 

Frivolité interlaced with semiprecious stones

100% Handcrafted

Each piece of jewelry from Lorina Balteanu Paris is entirely handcrafted using only the finest natural materials, including semiprecious stones, vintage crystals, freshwater pearls, cotton pearls, and seed beads. Our jewelry is crafted by skilled artisans in Romania, Italy, and Moldova, ensuring the highest quality and attention to detail.

Designed in Paris

Jewelry that captures the spirit of Paris

Paris, the city of love and fashion, is the birthplace of Lorina Balteanu's stunning jewelry designs. It is here, in the heart of the fashion capital, where Lorina's artistic vision comes to life. With her passion for timeless elegance and her commitment to handcrafted beauty, Lorina has created a jewelry line that embodies the essence of Parisian style. From the intricate knotting of the tatting lace, to the selection of the finest semiprecious stones and vintage crystals, every detail of Lorina's designs is carefully considered. Our jewelry can be found in stores globally and online, and our flagship boutique is located in the heart of Paris.


We are committed to ethical and environmentally conscious practices, using only sustainable and best-quality materials to create our pieces. Having stated that, we are dedicated to creating timeless and unique pieces that showcase the beauty and versatility of handcrafted jewelry. Our jewelry is presented in limited quantities, allowing us to create capsule collections that sell out quickly and minimize waste. Each piece is created by a single artisan through hours of work that evolve into a truly timeless and unique piece.

Join our Mission

Join us on our mission to innovate the world of handcrafted jewelry and bring the timeless beauty of Frivolité to life. Discover the exquisite, handcrafted pieces of Lorina Balteanu Paris, and experience the beauty and artistry of an ancient technique, brought to life by a true master of her craft.