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Fall 2022 | Our Five Top Pieces for Five Occasions

Fall 2022 | Our Five Top Pieces for Five Occasions

13th Sep 2022

Although is not yet official, we can already feel the vibrancy of the fall days among us. Like the beginning of any season, fall promises to awaken the excitement of new weather, festivities and fashion trends. Here are some suggestions to embrace the upcoming season’s occasions with style and individuality.

A Flirtatious Date Night with the Volga Pendant

As a handcrafted jewel, love should be unique in its contours while still evoking classic fairy-tale magic. The Volga Pendant is simultaneously bold and iconic, playful and timeless. Perfect for a flirtatious date night, this sophisticated piece leaves more to the imagination.

For an audacious look, combine different sizes and colors of this piece, creating a layering effect that exudes elegance.


A Special Farmer’s Market Run with the Moona Earings

True beauty is in the small details of everyday moments. There is nothing fiddling about a daily routine if we wish to see the exceptional of the commonplace. Therefore, why not make even a quick run to the farmer’s market a special moment?

And, nothing says special like the delicate nuances of the Moona Earings. Crafted with labradorites, grenat, tourmalines, pink tourmalines, spinelle, and emeralds, this piece is the climax of subtleness ad refinement.


An Elegant Soirée with the Pietra Earrings

Whether you’re hosting it or attending it, a Dinner Party is always a fine excuse to impress your group of friends. The Pietra Earrings promises to be the center of the talk without overshining you.

Exquisitely handcrafted using Lorina's famous frivolite technique, these earrings instantly transport us to a night of vibrant conversation and delicious wine.


Upgrade Your Day at Work with the Giovanna Pendant

Sometimes, all you need to face Mondays with style and grace is just a little incentive. The Giovanna Pendant promises to cheer up any workday while providing an undeniable touch of sophistication even to the simplest outfit.

A blend of exclusivity and uniqueness defines the Giovanna Pendant. In fact, each one of these pieces is different and offered in a single copy, preserving different shades and shapes of stones. Rich in semiprecious stones and freshwater pearls, this pendant is more than a piece of jewelry, it is a work of art that offers an exquisite design, marvelous colors, and artisanal expertise.


Brunching with the Girls and the Dallas Necklace

Nothing says Sunday like mimosas and some fine jewellery. The Dallas Necklace is perfect for a relaxed morning with the ladies, enjoying the sun and some delicious food.

With a single silk thread as a base, this necklace beautifully intertwines freshwater pearls and tourmaline, changing colors with each turn. Timeless with a twist, this piece meets the modern look and aspirations of the empowered woman.