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5 Jewelry Trends to Watch This Summer 2022

5 Jewelry Trends to Watch This Summer 2022

19th Jul 2022

We are in the middle of summer. Hot, flirty, and quite uncertain. In response to these unusual times, jewelry trends this season are quite bold, bright, and cheerful. At this point, we can clearly see the leaders of all jewelry charts. In this article, we will highlight the trends we observe in France, Europe, and the US; the trends that resonate with us. You can expect a lot of colors, pearls, and boldness.

1. Tennis Necklaces

The term 'tennis necklace' refers to a very specific kind, offering a continuous and complete strand of diamonds, for an elegant and classic look that encircles the full neckline. Those are general quite minimalistic, yet powerful. During this summer, several brands created their own versions of tennis necklaces: Swarovski, Daphine, and Lorina Balteanu. With her unrepeatable style, Lorina Balteanu could not resist creating her very own tennis necklace. 

Tennis Necklace Lorina BalteanuTennis Necklace Lorina Balteanu


2. New Princess

Continuing the diamond necklaces trend with 18th-century-inspired jewelry. Marie Antoinette seems to inspire fashion until this day. Together with the rise of popular shows like Bridgerton, we observe more and more resemblance with jewelry from the 18th century. Why not, though? It is beautiful, powerful, and inspiring. This season, several jewelry brands joined this trend, including Simone Rocha, Giambattista Valli, and Lorina Balteanu. Their masterpieces shape modern era princesses, who dare wearing massive pearl necklaces together with jeans. 

Giovanna Pendant Lorina Balteanu Saphir TopazLorina Balteanu Pietra Earrings 08



3. Bright Colors

It should not be a surprise. Bright colors are a watermark of this season. We see all the possible color combinations playing together: pink and orange, green and purple, red and blue. When it comes to jewelry, everything goes - from colorful hoops to friendship bracelets. Glass and semiprecious stones are combined with pearls and beads. All abovementioned are present in Lorina's summer collection. Here you can see some of our favorite colorful pieces.

Lorina Balteanu Pietra Earrings 05 - Green & Pink EarringsLorina Balteanu Sole Pendant Pink & Orange



4. It's All About Pearls

Pearls are trending this summer too: on their own or combined with other trends and materials. We adore pearls at Lorina Balteanu. We often use pearls in our jewelry pieces - either freshwater pearls or cotton pearls. We carefully interlace them with semiprecious stones or beads for complete and harmonious looks. 

Lorina Balteanu Dallas Pearl NecklaceLorina Balteanu Volga Pearl Pendant



5. Bedazzled Chokers

Some five years ago, we were wearing velvet or lace chockers - rather gothic or minimalist. This season chockers are back - in a dazzling and powerful way. This summer we will be observing massive, bold, statement chockers. Think of all possible materials: metals, chains, fabrics, glass, and more. Some of the designers jumping on this train are Jil Sander and Sophie Buhai. We discovered, we also have our very own statement chocker. Meet Bari - a handcrafted choker, filled with freshwater pearls and tourmalines.

Lorina Balteanu Bari Pearl ChokerLorina Balteanu Bari Pearl Choker


These are just some of the jewelry trends of summer 2022. There endless and endless possibilities to be creative. You can definitely find something that is close to your hear. If you loves these trends, feel free to adopt them, mixing & matching them. Surprisingly, they go very well together. As cheese & wine do. Enjoy this summer, cheer up your days with some bold and funky jewelry, become a source of inspiration for others.

Happy Summer!