Since 2006, Lorina Balteanu offers distinctive experiences by creating unique jewelry pieces. A Parisian brand that brings beautiful, contemporary jewelry designs to life using exquisite handcrafting techniques. 


Throughout the years, Lorina Balteanu has been developing and improving the main technique she has been using for her masterpieces - Frivolité. This technique dates hundreds of years back and is the earliest method of creating tatting lace. Tatting lace, in turn, is an interlacing of rings and chains formed by knots, using fingers and a shuttle, which is particularly hard-wearing. This series of knots create patterns, some of which can be extremely intricate.


Lorina Balteanu is based in Paris and designs all her marvelous pieces from there. Walking through the center of Paris, you will most likely stumble upon Lorina Balteanu's boutique, a beautiful store based inside a traditional French building. The store showcases our most recent collection as well as archive or unique pieces. If you are in Paris, you will find your personal gem by visiting Lorina's boutique. If you are not in Paris, however, you can find Lorina Balteanu's jewelry in multiple corners of the world, as well as our online store. We ship and deliver our jewelry wherever you are.


 Lorina Balteanu studied at the Gorki Institute in Moscow. In addition to her unique talents as a jewelry designer, she opened a boutique in her name in the heart of Paris. Each piece is entirely handcrafted by lace-makers in her workshop. A poet, a journalist, and a jewelry designer, in 2006 Lorina came across the 18th-century technique of tatting lace. It involves interlacing rings and chains formed by knots using fingers and a shuttle. The series of knots creates intricate patterns. Lorina reinvented the process by incorporating pearls and semi-precious stones into the lace and transforming them into Jewelry. 

"In fact, I am no designer… in everything I do, I remain a poet, which is why I see and treat my jewellery like poems. Just as if I were looking for the right word or the perfect rhyme, it is with greatest meticulosity that I choose the tone of the silk thread, so it highlights even more the natural beauty of the semi-precious stones… During my life I worked in journalism, television, politics, created social projects, even built and decorated houses - all these experiences are now guiding me towards a modern and practical style. Although the technique I use is as old as time, I try to preserve its beauty, while also breaking its canons and adapting it to today's needs. Just like I never wanted to resemble someone else, I didn't wish for dresses and jewellery “worthy” of the red carpet. I always dreamt of having my own sky above in a world of my own. I want a jewel which represents me and is mine only, which enhances my beauty without hurting the planet."

- Lorina Balteanu